Tipps to live in Germany

I  am also a foreigner, which I passed through several countries before finding my country‘s heart.
Even I have similarity of thinking, for example, that all of us, human beings have equal rights, regardless if you are a politician, banking, beggar or Bavaria team coach, I found some rules on German soil, which in Brazil does not exist. These rules I adapted well, although some were more difficult because I had to learn by myself.

For this reason, I decided to point out a few, so I can help those who have left their homeland, especially for asylum seekers.
I believe that peace will only be possible between the northern European and foreign people, if the visitor in the case, we, foreigners, we behave ourselves in order to not offend the country’s culture, observing its rules.
The reason is simple: By being totally different cultures, with opposite values.

I thank God for sending me to this cold land, but full of human warmth even if at first sight you guys may think differently, and in some regions being treated with antiSemitism  or discrimination.

But we have to understand the other side of the coin. Let’s take an example: You are in your hometogether with his family. Everyone is sleeping in peace. Suddenly coming 50 strangers, and begin to sift through it all, the children are crying, afraid. What feeling do you have? Anger? Scared? Doubt?

The German  people work hard and pay very expensive taxes, so that everything works: School, public Transport, streets and much more.
The whole personal security, which was built several decades ago, is being threatened and many are unsafe, because of changes. Only Allah can know the unseen.

On the other side, asylum seekers are also afraid. After so many years of war, having to flee from own country, leaving the goods, the houses Many of them lost their whole family. Many are traumatized, hungry, without PERSPECTIVE of the future And I can picture that the people of Arab culture are tired of wars and conflicts.
If the contrary, they did not leave the homeland to an unknown future, is not it true?

It is horrible, and I suffered too, when I see children and parents, crying, desperately. I’ve known this feeling because I also have felt hungry. I also have felt cold. I also one day dreamed of a land where I feel safe, without being afraid to walk down the street and being burgled.

But do not lose faith. Everything has a reason. What today is hopeless, tomorrow will be joys!

This manual is only a reference and does not mean that has to be used. It is up to you, on your own conscience to make use or not.

After all, we are in a free country where we can decide on our own, also taking the actions of our choice. Since we’re talking about freedom, let´s start!


Rules of conduct to live peacefully in Germany:

1. Freedom

Freedom of thought. Freedom of expression. Freedom to dress as one wants. Freedom of locomotion. Freedom of listen Music. To German people, Freedom is a law.

2. Men and women have equal rights

As an example: In the conjugal life of many couples, the roles are reversed. This means that families with small children, while the wife goes to work, bringing money home, men take care of the children, washes, irons and kitchen. It is normal here.

3. Freedom of Sexual orientation

People have the right to decide which gender they want to pursue. This means that there are many same-sex couples who live together, and the family agrees with the relationship.

4. Child Protective Services

The child has the right and duty to attend school. Here the child is not abused. If this occurs, the family may lose custody of the child.


5. Freedom to choose the Partner

Independent of the culture or social status. A German can marry a Brazilian, the same way as a German woman can marry a Frenchman. If the marriage will last, it is another story. But here there is not discrimination.



6. Separation of domestic waste

In Germany it is very important the separation of garbage: Plastics and metals are recyclable and goes to the garbage bin of yellow color. Black are the remains, which are not usable. Blue is for paper, including newspapers, magazines and cardboard. Brown is in order to waste recyclable, including: vegetable scraps, eggshells, hair, bones, plants, land. Also, it is allowed to barbecue in parks, on the edge of Lake and the beaches. But waste shall be collected before leaving the place.


7. Pork consumption

The pork is found in many traditional dishes. If you are invited to dinner in a German family, please advise that, for religious traditions, you do not eat pork. Don’t be afraid, they will understand and be grateful for your notice.


8. Dogs

Since we are talking about animals, the dog here is the man’s best friend. Many walk without dog collars. Do not worry, they are sociable and if any go in your direction and you be afraid please do not cry out. Simply asks the owner to take him away, saying that you are afraid.
Another thing you can witness is that sometimes you will probably find shit in the flower beds. Everywhere in the world has ill-educated, including my husband. Simply close your eyes and move on. We can not change the world.

There are also Dog-beaches, where during Summer they meet owners take baths with dogs. And some even divide own bed.
As I said before, the dog is man’s best friend.


9. Nudist beach

By the way, in many beaches is allowed nudism. Here is something very natural and is part of the German traditions. If you want not to witness, just do not go to the beach. After all the water is cold and so you avoid embarrassment.


10.Fishing license

It is not allowed to fish without a license fishing. If you would like to make one, search for the Regulation Office (Ordnungsamt). There you can make your if you like to fish.

In the same way we do a driver’s license to drive, to fish, you have to take a course, accompanied by a test.  If caught without a license, the Penalty may reaches up to 5,000 Euro.


11. Nature

Nature is precious. Without it there is not life on planet earth. It has many animals that are protected by law and is not allowed to kill them. If this should happen, you run the danger of being arrested, and respond to law process.  The same is true for some types of plants.

Also, be very careful when collecting wild plants and mushrooms. Many are poisonous and can lead to various health damage and even death.


12. The act of education

Say good day when you go through a friendly face on the street, even if it is a stranger.
Thus, it breaks the ice. Also always thank at the supermarket cashier and apologizes if you have made a mistake. We all make mistake, it is something natural of human being.


13. Respect for women

I almost forgot Women do not have the habit of being molested or being whistle, much less touched when they pass on the street or being in a discoteque.


166951_2674445546639_1461200928_n14. Community garden lease

If you want a location to spend the summer with his family, plant your vegetables and orchard, Settlements called pachtgarten are very popular. Of course, there are some rules…  Just ask in the Kleingartenverein of your town.

15. German language

It is very important to learn the language, since we are living here. It has integration courses in Volkshochschule, which are quite cheap.
The grammar is not important, it is almost impossible to to speak 100% correct.

You may also have the possibility to borrow books from the library in the city where he lives. For this, you need to take your documents along with your residence registration. In case not have, you have to register in the prefecture of your city (Einwohnermeldeamt).
In possession of the documents, go to the library and pay a  5  Euro fee. Then you can borrown how many books you wish for a period of 6 weeks. There you may also borrow Films and Music.

I hope I been able to help a little. Thank you very much for your Attention.

Greetings, Theodora

الله يرزقك السلام