Project Istanbul

The first time I visited the grounds of Turkey was in year 2003, when I decided to know the old Constantinoplenow known as Istanbul. when I woke up, I heard the melodies of Fathi Mochee, which sounded as if I already knew, coming from another epoch as if giving me a warm welcome.

At the same time delighted, while feeling at home, was very well received by those people.
The smell of spices, the taste of Turkish coffee on the tongue, and the warmth of that People, in which often was confused by my appearance, as Turkish or Arabic origin. The years that followed I visited Southern Turkey. My favorite town was Alanya.

Last year, as I start following on TV the asylum seekers fleeing Syria, I was very touched. My first thought was the children.

Since 2 years have been planing in travelling again to Istambul to Research about Theodora, Justinian wife.

December last year, when I turned 40, my lovely husband gave me a travel to Istanbul, it was like a gift from God, so much joy. But, then I started planning, how to help the Syrians and at the same time bring some comfort to the Turks…

The project has been inspired by a friend of me: Postcards, where asylum seekers can sell and earn the daily bread with dignity.
At the same time, with comfort Messages.

When I was young, I went hungry often. So I know the pain in the stomach, despair, thinking that God had abandoned me.

But God does not abandon us. We must raise his head to the sky and ask gallows. At the same time, have patience and resignation. Today I know that, thanks to the spiritualist books, which me satiated my hunger for answers, feeding me with rich knowledge of eternal life.

I hope you also may get some answers in this Blog.

Peace for Istanbul. Peace for Syria. Peace for the World