Quote 35: Mankind


The man, on the last day, shot down in his garden,
Feel extreme fear that death reveals to him;
His heart is a sea that straightens and surgeth,
In poignant throes of almost dead chest.
Everything that was vanity, now is discomfort.
The whole ship of illusion shatters and crumbles
Under the fatal waves of stormy untamed,
Poor heart, which is shipwrecked without port.

How much time in this world, dark and uncertain direction,
Man lives to grope in the darkness that is created!
Around, everything is going on the dark road,
In dread of waiting anxiety that comes close! …
Among the throes of death, breast bloodless and open,
Wretch Wayfaring Man of Grief rebelled to his guide,
Despairs, weeps, longs and babbles
The supreme prayer of pain from his desert.
In this great sorrow, the poor soul, between the rubble,
Feel the Master of Love showing his shoulders
The greatness of the cross that illuminates and succor;
The world is the darkness that buries the chimera
And in the dark Bulcao only Jesus perseveres,
As the immortal light of love that never dies.

Author: Alberto de Oliveira


Quote 14: At dawn

New day, new opportunity.

Each morning represents divine grant, that you can not or you should disregard.

Therefore maintains a positive attitude toward the events that must be faced; optimism in the face of events that arise; courage in confronting the natural struggles; restart of paused job; opportunity to carry out the planned program.

Each morning is serene call for achievement of values that seem unattainable.
As the day progresses, enjoy the minutes without haste or postponement of duty.

Do not grieve yourself at the volume of things and problems you have ahead.
Directs each action to its specific purpose.

After completing a service, start another and without sorrow of unpleasant events, cast the lesson in the mood, advancing step by step, until the concluded moment  of the planned duties.

Do not bring of the foregoing day summary of misfortunes and troubles.

Dawning, begin your day with renewed joy and without negative past, enriched by experiences that will provide you a valuable resource for the victory you seek.

Joanna de Angelis Divaldo Franco.