Quote 70: Wind Poetry

To let the mind loose, in the wind, is to surrender it to God under its breath. It is a continuous and pleasurable flow. It’s like the wind itself! Simply an energy that flows, without exact intent.
It is in these moments when the mind is left loose, that poetry arises. Everything becomes poetry, like a cup that overflows, bubbling with joy.
And I ask: – wind, you are the messenger of whom? Where does it come from, bringing my mind, rhymes that do not hide?
For a brief time, I have silence in response.
But soon, like a stone rolling on a steep slope, new inspiration comes, as if it were imposed on me. I do not know where it comes from or who, but the poetry, from me, takes hold. Better not to resist the energy of this wind, for all that is dammed,
Soon yields broken. My tired body then lets the poetry flow …

Author: Pablo de Salamanca

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