Quote 69: Sculptures of life

27- Exposed metals

The metals are exposed!
Its performance is felt far away. It screams and make you suffer.
Suffering is instantaneous, but it has a later effect that continues …
These metals that make human blood pour are the violence that dwells in
each person. Therefore, in our world, metals have such intense and persistent strength.
In the same way, voices that should be very human, have extremely metallic timbres.
These voices do not bleed the blood, but they also hurt deeply. Metal words promote pain in an instant, with corresponding lasting effect, after being fired.

Often, a word of iron or steel keeps ticking for a long time, after it has been issued.
Thus, I have tried to observe the metallic aspects of my being. Some are hidden. Others are exposed. Still others appear and disappear like the sun in a well-demarcated spring-sunset cycle. I need to slow down the metallic timbre of my voice. The sound that my soul produces must be more subtle.
Only in this way will it contribute better to the symphony of life …

Author: Pablo de Salamanca, August 07, 2009.
Photo: Theodora in Bath

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