Quote 67: Book of the Soul

Writing is pure magic, for it transports part of the soul to the role. And the paper flies, with the strength it has been given, seeking other souls for momentary fusion. Writing is a soul transfusion. Paper is the vehicle. Another soul is the end.
A purpose therefore is the exchange of energies. It is concluded, without further ado, that writing is a sacred act.
However, I am referring to writing with soul, transmitting, with sincerity, what is. Thus, even if one is not very pure, one purifies himself during writing, for a cathartic process is at work. For that, just be sincere. And then, it is easy to understand that writing is the magic of transfusion and purification.
March 6, 2009.

Author: Pablo de Salamanca

Book: Reflexions

Source: http://www.harmonianet.org/


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