Quote 66: Recurrences

Even if you do not like it, life offers us pain and tension.
It is up to us to transform pains into flowers and tension into understanding.
Accepting certain limitations is wisdom, for often what the intellect thinks it has understood, but the soul has not yet assimilated.
Understanding is different from practicing, but life is a great opportunity to put into practice everything that we imagine we have understood.
With every failure, every slip, we have a good warning for what we have not yet assimilated.
Repentance and frustration are natural and useful reactions, but they should not be prolonged.
Better to regain consciousness about the disharmony that keeps coming back from time to time.
So life and time are good allies.
The pain is nothing more than that new opportunity that arises.
How beautiful life is, despite its gray hues!
How useful are time and its recurrences, despite their pastel tones.
On this, perhaps the Master of Assisi would say: thank you Sister Vida, thank you Brother Tempo. Thank you to Sorrowful pain, thank you to the Storm for every wind. Thank you Brother Sun, but also thank you Sister Rain.
Thank you to Solitude who leaves me alone, to meditate in peace, without any bitterness.
March 10, 2009.

Author: Pablo de Salamanca

Book: Reflexions

Source: http://www.harmonianet.org/


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