Quote 55: Anxieties

“Casting all your anxiety upon him, because he careth for you” (I Peter, 5: 7).
Anxieties set many crimes and never build anything useful on Earth. Invariably, the rash man counts all odds against himself.

Opposing the anguished concerns, speak the lessons of patience of nature, in all sectors of the human journey.
If man were born to be anxious, it would mean that he came into the world, not in the category of a worker in a sanctifying task, but in desperation without remission.

If the creature reflected more sensibly he would recognize the content of service that the moments of each day can offer him and would know with great value to watch over his own patrimony.

Undoubtedly, landscapes will change incessantly, compelling us to face unpleasant surprises, arising from our inadequate attitude, joy or pain, but it represents the imposition of the law, our obligation to continue daily towards the good.

Anxiety will try to violate generous hearts, because the earthly roads unfold many obscure angles and problems of difficult solution, however, let’s not forget Pedro’s recipe.
Cast the restlessness on your hopes in Our Heavenly Father, because the Divine Love reflects on the well-being of all of us.

It is only right to desire the victory of light, to seek peace with perseverance, to discipline oneself in union with the higher planes, to insist on attuning to the higher spheres. Do not forget, however, that anxiety always precedes the action of falling. Emmanuel


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