Quote 54: Self-Knowledge

If you want to find yourself, get out of yourself.
How could achieve self-knowledge on climate of selfishness?
How to know who you are, not knowing how you react before others?
How can anyone deliver the time-consuming insights, if not far, there is hunger and pain, tear and suffering?
The Lord said, “Let shine your light …”.
He himself the light of the world, did not remain in the heavenly bliss of the blessed.
_ “I have come that you may have life, and life in abundance.”
If you wish to know yourself, do not close your eyes to the world, locking you in your
In work action, which means help everyone, you will see, how you really are.

Albino Teixeira


Source: http://bvespirita.com/Fe%20(psicografia%20Chico%20Xavier%20-%20espiritos%20diversos).pdf


Quote 53: Peace, Love and Tolerance for the World

At each terrorist act what may happen, we should not permit, even being difficult, that the hate come into our heart.

Because the terrorists want to disunite, they want to destroy the noblest sense of tolerance that we have within us.
We all reap what we sow. All our actions generate a reaction. This is a universal law. It is the mathematics of God, Allah. One day they will also repent of their acts.

There will be a day when evil will be banished from the planet earth.
Even for those who believe in reincarnation laws, it is difficult to accept this.

But we have confidence in the future. Even an evil do not last forever.

That the governor of planet Earth, Jesus, bless you with peace, tolerance and love. Thank you so much



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