Quote 52: The seeking of knowledge


“The most excellent Jihad is that for the conquest of
“Allah will not give mercy to anyone, except those
who give mercy to other creatures.”

“Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind
has no faith.”

“If you do not feel ashamed of anything, then you can
do whatever you like.” prophet Muhammad [pbuh]
“It is better to sit alone than in company with the bad;
and it is better still to sit with the good than alone. It
is better to speak to a seeker of knowledge than to
remain silent; but silence is better than idle

“Whoever is kind, Allah will be kind to him; therefore
be kind to man on the earth. He who is in heaven will
show mercy on you.” prophet Muhammad [pbuh]

“The best of you are those who are best to the
women.” prophet Muhammad [pbuh]
“Whoever loveth to meet God, God loveth to meet
him” prophet Muhammad [pbuh]

“Who are the learned? Those who practice what they
know.” prophet Muhammad [pbuh]

“A Muslim who meets with others and shares their
burdens is better than one who lives a life of
seclusion and contemplation.”

“Allah does not look at your appearance or your
possessions; but He looks at your heart and your
deeds.” prophet Muhammad [pbuh]
“The best richness is the richness of the
“Keep yourselves far from envy; because it eats up
and takes away good actions, like a fire eats up and
burns wood.”

“Much silence and a good disposition, there are no
two things better than these.”

“The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every
Muslim.” -prophet Muhammad [pbuh]