Quote 49: Forgive always

  • Forgive the transgressor; life will take care of him.
  • Pardon the deserter; he is weak and will return to the lesson later on.
  • Help those who make mistakes; your feet walk on the same ground, and even if you possess the possibility to correct them, you have no right to censure them.
  • Aid the sick; thank the Divine Power for the state of equilibrium you are able to conserve.
  • Help the companion who is insecure; perhaps they do not have
    enough to supply their needs, while you retain an excess.
  • Do not be perturbed with by an ill-bred person; in most cases the one who is unsociable has a liver complaint and bad nerves.
  • Do not fret over the ignorant person; surely they have not had the opportunities which illuminated your path.
  • Avoid trouble with those who are fanatics; they remain imprisoned in exclusivism and deserve compassion just as any other prisoner.
  • Help the envious in a fraternal manner; spite is an undisguised homage to merit, and in paying this tribute, the common man torments himself and suffers.
  • If treachery crosses your path, deny it the honour of indignation; examine it with a silent smile, study the process calmly and shortly afterwards, transform it into material worthy of life.
  • When faced with error, correct it first in yourself, and then in others, without violence and without hate.
  • Be useful everywhere, but do not attempt to please everyone; do not undertake that which even Christ has still not attained.
  • If you pay too much attention to the criticism of the one who is inferior, then you must endure the constraints of the plane to which you have descended without feeling hurt.
  • Think of your adversary as a bearer of equilibrium; if we have need of friends to stimulate us, we equally need someone to show us our errors.
  • Do not imprison those about you to your way of thinking; give your companion the opportunity to interpret life as freely as you do.
  • If I would expect better spiritual conditions to serve, I would not have started until the present moment.
  • When each one of us become an active and living book of lessons for those who see our examples, the boundaries of religious interpretation will give way to the new era of brotherhood and peace we’re waiting for.
  • I’m not irreplaceable… I’m nothing but grass growing on the ground; when the grass dies, another one replaces it…   Francisco Candido Xavier

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