Quote 42: Believe in yourself

Appeal of a Friend

Do not belittle yourself.
Do not say you do not deserve God’s blessing.
Give heed to reality.

If the wisdom of life had nothing expected of you, she would have not given many
resources which are:

If the Divine Providence did not trust you, you would not have at hand important tasks as these:

– A dear creature to be protected;
– Someone to instruct;
– A house to sustain;
– The patient to attend;
A profession to exercise;
This or that task even the most simple;
– Some teaching composing;
This or that activity of assistance to the like;
– Any tract of land to cultivate;
Certain machine to drive.

André Luiz


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Quote 41: Patience and courage

Difficulty is a test of patience.
The disdain of someone is the lesson of life to acquire humility.
It is not always that you will get what you want, but while helping others, you will find the resources you need.

After great effort to solve this or that problem, do not disturb yourself, if another problem appears ordering you new effort, because God will renew your strength to start again.

André Luiz

Quote 40: Action and reaction

A sympathetic attitude to the next is always an open door to your aid now and in the future.
Even in the most distressing hours try to act calmly and with discernment, because of all that we did, we will reap soon or later.
The excuse before the faults that you have been the victim invariably is an action on your own favor.
When trials and difficulties deems deplored, keep patience and optimism, working and serving in the certainty that God always does the best.
André Luiz

Quote 39: Life

Life is God’s gift to all people.
And who only serves for himself does not serve to the purposes of life, because life is to participate, make progress, increase, to integrate.
If we aspire to live better, we choose the place of serving the cause of the common good.

For this, you do not have to condition yourself to other people’s views.
Engage yourself in the line of servers, those that resembles with your skills.
Enlist in any service for the common good.
It is so important to collaborate in the care of your neighborhood or building a school, as aid to a needy child or provide support to a patient.
Look for the peace, ensuring peace where you are.
Live in security, cooperating in the safety of others.

Let us learn to deliver the best of us to life around us and the life will make us get the best of her own.
Be happy by making others happy.

André Luiz

Quote 38: Hope

Tolerate a little more the intrigues that harass your playing field, without giving them any attention, and defend your own happiness, with unexpected brilliance.
You live in World in the midst of trials and struggles, challenges and needs as a student between the lessons that you need at school, in favor of own use; learn to bear the invitations to the good of others, and you will get the best values of resistance.


Note, all the time is God’s time to restore and correct, and start again.

André Luiz

Quote 37: difficulties

Do not allow the difficulty opens door to discouragement because the difficulty is the way that life is worth to improve us in habilitation and resistance.
Sustain yourself, supporting others.

Censorship is one of the most efficient formula to complicate yourself.
Bless the life and all the resources of life wherever you are.
Never disregard the value of your loneliness dosage in order to take advantage of it in meditation and adjustment of own forces.

André Luiz

Quote 36: Good and Evil

Good and evil are not on religions, but inside of ourselves.

However, we can transform evil into love, whenever we respect the next, not judge and forgive.
It’s never too late to transform our character.