Quote 34: Help and go ahead

Extend the fraternal hand to who laughs and who cries:
The palace and the hovel, the nest and the grave,
Everything that vibrates expects the light that shines,
In the eternal law of love which enshrines the creature.
Plant the blessing of peace, as dawn rays,
In the darkness of the thief, in pain perjured soul;
Radiates forgiveness and serves, worldwide,
Where claims the revolt and where there is bitterness.
Now, today and tomorrow, understand, help and go ahead;
Clarifies the joy and comfort disgrace,
Keeps the desire of the good that is fire pilgrim …
Do not change evil for evil, escapes the shade and revenge,
Do not grieve thee before the misery, stow yourself hope.
Be the blessing of love, the light of your destination.
Author: Alberto de Oliveira
Photo: Children of war – Pixabay

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