Quote 19: Always Trust

Do not lose your faith in the shadows of the world. Even if your feet are bleeding, goes forward, lifting it by heavenly light, up from yourself. Believes and works. Strive in good and wait with patience.

Everything passes and everything is renewed on earth, but who comes from heaven will remain.

Of all the unhappy, the most unfortunate are those who lost faith in God and in himself, because the greatest misfortune is to suffer deprivation of faith and continue living.

Increases therefore your look and walks. Endureth and serves. Learn and moves forward. Shines the dawn beyond the night.

Today, it is possible that the storm cools your heart and torment your dream, prodding you with distress or threatening you with death.

Do not forget, however, that tomorrow will be another day. A much better day.  

Chico Xavier


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