Quote 2: Peace, love and tolerance to the asylum seekers

In times of crisis, do not despair you. Calms down.
If something frighten you. Pray.
Perseveres under trial, do not complain. Accept it.
Do not scream to anyone or revolt. Bless.
Moments of suffering, is the rise of faith. Silence.
God knows the moment to speak.

This is exactly what life is made of: moments! Moments that we have to go, being good or not for our own learning, for some reason. Never forgetting the most important: nothing in life is by Chance. Chico Xavier

A lot of people are afraid, insecure with the waves of asylum seekers, coming from Africa, Irak and Syria to Europe.

By ignorance and lack of knowledge concerning or the facts, many would not even try to understand why this is happening.

I understand if the person does not believe in God, judge and curse. But I can not accept, when call themselves Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, or whatever the religion, even so still keeping the hardness in their heart.

Here in Germany many shelters are being burned. People who call themselves nationalists, lace fire, so dozens of families with children come out running, trying to save the own life. As if they already not enough trauma of travel. Along the way, many are robbed, women are raped. Others drown.

I once heard from an ignorant cousin: They must remain on their land and fight.“. No comments. For you realize, as some People are “outdated”. Are we blind or do we not want to see the reality?

Who really follows the word of Christ, and not only call themselves, should be ashamed to wish evil to others. For one day, perhaps we will be the asylees who will have to cross the Atlantic, see the parent, child or partner drown and we can not do anything against ….

Maybe it gonna be us or our children in a near future, begging for a plate of food

Life is like a wheel. It rotates!
What goes around, comes back around…


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