Quote 71: Inner journey

Where do our perceptions lead us?
Is it for a path of value?
Is it for the route of confused emotions?
No! It’s for legitimate inner journey!
And on this individual trip,
That each one should have the courage to do,
One may find the immortal soul itself,
With all the strength of Being.
So in this somewhat unpretentious book,
Maybe we collaborated
With a precious goal:
Has self-knowledge been stimulated?
We hope so,
In this Divine Rotation.
But remember that is not the end!
It’s just the beginning of a time-consuming work.
A work of many lives,
Where each is a chapter.
Is right! There will be some wounds!
And when will the epilogue be?
This is a question without a prompt answer.
Still a mystery of consciousness.
A lot of people do not really like it,
But it is necessary to delve into its very essence.
Only then will it be possible to understand
The fullness of immanence
And the realization of Being,
On a path of self-transcendence.
Author: Pablo de Salamanca
Photo: Istanbul 2016 by Theodora

Quote 70: Wind Poetry

To let the mind loose, in the wind, is to surrender it to God under its breath. It is a continuous and pleasurable flow. It’s like the wind itself! Simply an energy that flows, without exact intent.
It is in these moments when the mind is left loose, that poetry arises. Everything becomes poetry, like a cup that overflows, bubbling with joy.
And I ask: – wind, you are the messenger of whom? Where does it come from, bringing my mind, rhymes that do not hide?
For a brief time, I have silence in response.
But soon, like a stone rolling on a steep slope, new inspiration comes, as if it were imposed on me. I do not know where it comes from or who, but the poetry, from me, takes hold. Better not to resist the energy of this wind, for all that is dammed,
Soon yields broken. My tired body then lets the poetry flow …

Author: Pablo de Salamanca

Quote 69: Sculptures of life

27- Exposed metals

The metals are exposed!
Its performance is felt far away. It screams and make you suffer.
Suffering is instantaneous, but it has a later effect that continues …
These metals that make human blood pour are the violence that dwells in
each person. Therefore, in our world, metals have such intense and persistent strength.
In the same way, voices that should be very human, have extremely metallic timbres.
These voices do not bleed the blood, but they also hurt deeply. Metal words promote pain in an instant, with corresponding lasting effect, after being fired.

Often, a word of iron or steel keeps ticking for a long time, after it has been issued.
Thus, I have tried to observe the metallic aspects of my being. Some are hidden. Others are exposed. Still others appear and disappear like the sun in a well-demarcated spring-sunset cycle. I need to slow down the metallic timbre of my voice. The sound that my soul produces must be more subtle.
Only in this way will it contribute better to the symphony of life …

Author: Pablo de Salamanca, August 07, 2009.
Photo: Theodora in Bath

Quote 68: Sunset

When I watch a sunset, with its beautiful variegated colors that evolve into the gloom, I realize that it is reflected in my spiritual retina, waking up memories of the past that are still present.
As the sun goes down and the shadows rise, through taciturn tones, I breathe an atmosphere that is gone, but still lives in me. Agreement for feelings and memories. Dreams emerge and I become almost ecstatic. I realize that I am eternal. My pilgrim essence imposes itself, in these moments, on the bark of the earthly personality.
I’m not a hollow tree trunk! I have perennial sap that sustains my being.
The cries of pain and mockery of the earth do not affect me.
They are just like distant noises that make up the environment.
The battle of material life sounds to me like a play, which has more value for the learning that is assimilated than for the acts and events themselves.I am in earthly life, but at the same time I hover over it. I live and breathe, but at every moment I am the deep silence.
Author: Pablo de Salamanca
Photo: Theodora

Quote 67: Book of the Soul

Writing is pure magic, for it transports part of the soul to the role. And the paper flies, with the strength it has been given, seeking other souls for momentary fusion. Writing is a soul transfusion. Paper is the vehicle. Another soul is the end.
A purpose therefore is the exchange of energies. It is concluded, without further ado, that writing is a sacred act.
However, I am referring to writing with soul, transmitting, with sincerity, what is. Thus, even if one is not very pure, one purifies himself during writing, for a cathartic process is at work. For that, just be sincere. And then, it is easy to understand that writing is the magic of transfusion and purification.
March 6, 2009.

Author: Pablo de Salamanca

Book: Reflexions

Source: http://www.harmonianet.org/

Quote 66: Recurrences

Even if you do not like it, life offers us pain and tension.
It is up to us to transform pains into flowers and tension into understanding.
Accepting certain limitations is wisdom, for often what the intellect thinks it has understood, but the soul has not yet assimilated.
Understanding is different from practicing, but life is a great opportunity to put into practice everything that we imagine we have understood.
With every failure, every slip, we have a good warning for what we have not yet assimilated.
Repentance and frustration are natural and useful reactions, but they should not be prolonged.
Better to regain consciousness about the disharmony that keeps coming back from time to time.
So life and time are good allies.
The pain is nothing more than that new opportunity that arises.
How beautiful life is, despite its gray hues!
How useful are time and its recurrences, despite their pastel tones.
On this, perhaps the Master of Assisi would say: thank you Sister Vida, thank you Brother Tempo. Thank you to Sorrowful pain, thank you to the Storm for every wind. Thank you Brother Sun, but also thank you Sister Rain.
Thank you to Solitude who leaves me alone, to meditate in peace, without any bitterness.
March 10, 2009.

Author: Pablo de Salamanca

Book: Reflexions

Source: http://www.harmonianet.org/

Quote 64: Light and shadow

Sun! Glowing sun, which heats all without distinction! Your light is responsible for understanding, but also for the shadow of the world!
There is something important to reflect on: light is essential, but it produces shadow itself. Light and shadow are the primordial duality, the duality so fundamental to the learning and development of beings. Let us seize the light of understanding and discernment, but let us not despise the shadow that once served as our base. The shadow is the lever that carries us to the light!
So, you who have a dark yet striking side, seek the wisdom of using it well, rather than getting lost in it. If it is impulsive, turn impulsiveness into a constructive action. If you are envious, use the victory of others as a stimulus for yourself to thrive. If you believe you are a failure, draw from the defeats the learning that will lead you to victory.
In the shadows projected by the light are the foundations of the light itself!
Sufi, June 9, 2008 by Pablo de Salamanca

Source: https://allankardec.wordpress.com/2017/06/18/sufi-wisdom/

Quote 63: Finitude

Is there an end to life?
For those who have learned to see beyond, there is the realization that there is no death.
Life is continuous!
Only the shells are lost, from the densest, the material body, to the subtlest ones.
The essence always remains, for it is eternal. It has always existed and will exist.
It simply is.
Why fear? Everything is made in the image and likeness of God.
Nothing is created or lost, only transformed. This is nothing new!
What is called evolution, in reality, is taken of consciousness and further expansion.
The universe moves in the direction of Self-consciousness! What’s the limit? Is there a limit?
#Sufi #wisdom, June 22, 2008 by Pablo de Salamanca

Book: https://allankardec.wordpress.com/2017/06/18/sufi-wisdom/